Lash Lift and Tint: Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Elevate Your Eyes with Our Eyelash Lift and Tint Service

Step into a world of effortless beauty with a lash lift and tint session at Let’s Lash. Our artist’s work will provide a natural curl and color to your lashes, making them more pronounced. Experience the power of a simple beauty procedure designed to draw attention to your eyes.

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A Professional Treatment for Attractive Lashes

For attractive results, an eyelash curl and tint appointment requires the precision and expertise that only a professional can deliver. Our artists will ensure the safety and health of your lashes as they provide a subtle enhancement of your natural look. Working with an experienced expert guarantees a more lasting and uniform outcome, making every glance a testament to expert care.

At Let’s Lash, we want to help you on your path to your beauty goals. A lash lift and tint from our exceptional artists will make your eyes brighter and more noticeable with minimal effort.

Discover the Stunning Benefits of a Lash Lift and Tint

A lash lift and lash tint is a suitable option to improve the look of your eyelashes without using extensions. Our artists can enhance the appearance of your natural lashes without adding length.

Eye-Opening Effect

Curls lashes to make eyes appear larger and more awake.

Depth and Intensity

Adds a tint to lashes, providing a bold, defining look.

Mascara-Free Beauty

Reduces the need for daily mascara application.

Low Maintenance

Enjoy beautifully styled lashes with minimal upkeep for 6-8 weeks.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

A great option for those who are sensitive to makeup products.

Professional Precision

Expert application ensures results tailored to individual lash types and eye shapes.

Eyelash artist performing a lash lift and tint.

Our Lash Lift and Tint Service

We start your lash lift and tint journey with a deep cleansing of your eyelashes, ensuring all makeup and oils are completely removed. Next, we gently position a silicone shield onto your eyelids, aligning it meticulously with your lash line. We brush your natural lashes upwards onto the shield and apply a specialized lifting solution. This solution carefully softens your lashes, molding them into a beautiful, upward curl. The final flourish is a carefully chosen tint, applied to each lash to create a striking look. This entire process, taking about an hour, is as relaxing as it is effective.

Price: $85 – Appointment Time: 75 minutes

The Scottdale Salon for Beautiful Lashes

Our customers love working with the artists at Let’s Lash. Our record of local achievement speaks volumes about our dedication to our clients.

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Recent Reviews

Discover what our delighted clients have to say about their Let’s Lash experience. Read on to find authentic testimonials that reflect our commitment to delivering stunning eyelash extensions and exceptional service.

Kylee Danielson
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I’ve had nothing but amazing experiences at this studio! The skilled technicians here are true artists, creating stunning and natural-looking lashes. The studio is clean, and the staff is incredibly friendly and professional. I felt pampered and relaxed throughout the process. I am beyond satisfied with my beautiful lashes and highly recommend this studio to anyone seeking top-notch eyelash extensions. A definite 5-star experience!
Colette Considine
Read More
Let’s lash is amazing! The staff and service is wonderful and not to mention that the place is aesthetically pleasing and cute! They are so welcoming and the all services they offer are amazing! I’ve gotten a brow lamination and lash fill there and I loved how it turned out!
Jana Milligan
Read More
I've been going to Let's Last since May 2022 after I had a bad experience somewhere else. I called the salon and Athena (the owner) was so sweet and helpful. I love this place. My lash tech Christine is also an esthetician and gives phenomenal facials. It feels like home when I am there. There is a cute boutique there as well 🙂
Shelby Smith
Read More
I’ve been going to this place since 2020 and I absolutely love it! It’s cozy and clean with very skilled lash technicians. I’ve been going to Christine the past few months and she is so sweet. She makes my classic fills look so full 🙂
Lexi Stegmeier
Read More
Love this place! Loralee is amazing. She always does a wonderful job on my lashes. I get a volume fill every time and it lasts a very long time. Would highly recommend this place for high quality eye lash extension services!
Kelsey Engelbracht
Read More
I have been going to Let's Lash for going on a year. They do a great job, don't overcharge, and are easy to work with - especially with calls and text for appointment reminders. My specific "lash lady" is Sarah and I adore her! I have two good friends who are also regular customers and we all have nothing but great things to say across the board.
Kami Hill
Read More
As a lash salon owner, I certainly appreciate good lashes and business. Let’s Lash is my go-to lash salon when I’m away from home. I’m extremely impressed with their work, the space and the friendly, professional staff. Great work ladies!!

Enjoy Brighter Eyes with a Natural Curl: Book Our Lash Lift and Tint Service Today

Imagine the convenience of waking up every day to perfectly curled and tinted lashes, enhancing your natural beauty without extra effort. Our lash lift and tint services are a convenient way to achieve a subtle beauty boost. Book your appointment today.

Questions About Our Eyelash Lift and Tint Service?

Your eyes are a sensitive area, and we recognize you may have concerns about the procedure. Below you will find answers to a few frequently asked questions.

A Lash Lift and Tint is a cosmetic procedure that enhances your natural lashes by lifting and curling them, followed by a tint to darken them, creating a more defined and vivid lash appearance.

The results typically last 6-8 weeks, varying slightly depending on your natural lash growth cycle and how well you care for them post-treatment.

Yes, when performed by a trained professional, it is a safe procedure. The products used are specifically designed for safe use around the eye area.

Clients who a satisfied with the tint applied as part of the procedure do not need to use additional makeup. However, others will use some mascara for a more dramatic look.

Arrive with clean, makeup-free eyes and lashes. Avoid using an eyelash curler at least 24 hours before your appointment.

For the first 24 hours post-treatment, avoid getting your lashes wet, avoiding steam and all other forms of moisture and humidity. After that, gentle care without harsh rubbing or pulling is recommended.

We schedule a 75-minute appointment for our eyelash curl and lift service which is ample time to complete the procedure.

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